Where to buy Modafinil and Armodafinil Online in Germany

How to Buy Modafinil and Armodafinil Online in Germany

Looking for Modafini pills in Germany? Don’t want to risk anything? Trust our reputable service for quality advice where to get Modafinil. This report is an honest report about the stage of Modafini 200mg pills for sale online. Be careful with dodgy online suppliers and always be very savvy when purchasing anything online. There exists many scams regarding Modafinil which I explain below.

First things first, you need to be made aware of the state of affairs when it comes to purchasing Modafinil online. Modafinil is the generic name for Provigil.  Modafinil 200mg is the same. Purchasing Modafinil online requires a prescription. You should already have a prescription from your own practitioner. You will also need to make sure that you follow your own countries rules for importing prescription medicine. For example there may be a limit on the amount of pills you can bring in, ie the quantity. But my guess is if you had a real prescription you would have gone and filled it at your local drug store and you wouldn’t be on the net looking for it… am I right?

I know what you want and here is the bad and good news about it…Be careful, there are a lot of sites online selling Modafinil, and I mean A LOT. The problem is that most of these are fake, dodgy, scammers, etc. You need to be very very careful. For example, a simple search for ‘buy armodafinil’ brings up results.

The first result is for a website selling… MODAFINIL.

The second result is for a website selling… STRATTERA.

The third result is for a website selling… MODAFINIL.

The fourth result is super-dodgy fowarding you to a generic pharmacy… NOTHING

Let me get to the point – finding Modafinil online is like finding a needle in a haystack. Why? We’ll just cover this very quickly. Originally modafinil was created and the world was merry. We had an amazing wakefullness promoting agent. Cephalon owned the copyright for doing all the hard work to get it legal, yay for them! Then Cephalon realised its patent was soon coming to expiration. Hmm, how can they make more money? I know, they can take the drug modafinil and rename it to armodafinil! Then everyone will think its a different drug and more importantly, they can take out a brand new patent. Yay more money for Cephalon! But is that legal? Quick chemistry lesson.

Every drug has an left and a right enantiomer. What’s that mean? They are mirror images of each other. Or you can think of it like L is the left hand and R is the right hand. Essentially the same. And just like with your hands usually one is stronger than the other, most drugs have an enantiomer that is stronger than the other. And that’s true with modafinil too. So the left enantiomer is a little weaker and the right enantiomer is stronger. So what Cephalon did was just rip out the R enantiomer of modafinil… R modafanil… AR-MODAFINIL… and because chemically it is a unique drug they patented it, creating a brand new copyright.

Want To Buy Modafinil And Sick Of The History Lesson?

The thing is, most people want to buy Modafinil without every knowing what or why. They want armodafinil because they hear its better. Reality check, it’s just fancied up modafinil. Theoretically its stronger but from anecdotal reports I’m not seeing any significant differences. But the problem is, it’s fricken impossible to find. If you can get Modafinil online you let me know by direct contact please because I’ve spent a long time NOT finding it. The reason modafinil is readily available online is because it’s patents have expired and other pharmaceutical companies are able to produce it and sell it generic.

This means the market has been flooded with multiple suppliers, the free market price war has begun and its readily available for cheap. Armodafinil is still under a monopoly. It is illegal to produce it if you are not Cephalon. You cannot sell it online unless you are Cephalon. If you want it you gotta go through Cephalon and pay $5 a pill! But why would you when modafinil is readily available for super cheap online for $1 a pill? And if you are worried about it ‘not being strong enough’ hehe, see how you go on 200mg of modafinil I’m pretty sure you wont be asking for any more stronger.

Conclusion: Be wary of anyone toughting the sale of Modafinil online. If you want cheap Modafinil 200mg from safe suppliers, go here. Take Modafinil, Be Awake With Modafinil

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